IT Support

We are a Marketing Technology Agency on customer journey and digital touchpoints that is driven by data. We
help more than 100+ enterprises to succeed end-to-end in business objectives and digital transformation.

At ANTS, we rely on our IT systems to power the solutions that help customers. We are seeking an experienced
IT specialist to join us on this journey, using his or her technological skills to make us more efficient. In this role, the
successful individual will oversee our current systems and assets, assist with upgrades and fixes, and provide training
and support—as needed. Our ideal candidate has extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software, network
maintenance, and advanced industry knowledge to keep us on the cutting edge. From day one, you’ll have an
immediate impact on the day-to-day efficiency of our IT operations, and an ongoing impact on our overall growth.




• Install and configure various IT systems (hardware, software) as assigned
• Overseeing the operation of the system within the organization.
• Take care and maintenance of IT systems.
• Provide advice to users when users experience problems in using the system and various devices.
• Manage assigned cases in a timely manner.
• Prepare a report or a document summarizing the maintenance of the IT system as scheduled




• Can-Do and Growth Mindset.
• Male or Female, Thai nationality only.
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or any related fields.
• Computer skills and problem-solving skills for users
• Experience with or knowledge of operating systems; current equipment and technologies, enterprise backup
and recovery procedures, and system performance-monitoring tools.
• The ability to work under pressure, fast learner, and high Googling skill.
• Good communication skills and able to work in a team
• Reliability, and a positive attitude are a must.
• Responsible and punctual
• Always like to learn and develop yourself.


Compensation and Benefits


• Medical insurance | Life Insurance & Accident Insurance.
• Vacation leave | Staff outing | Bonus
• Knowledge Training and Engagement Activity
• Salary adjustment – before 1 year can be applied if performance is amazing 🙂
• Free beverage (coffee and tea, soft drinks, fruit juice) and snacks.

Work Days and Time: Monday – Friday (09:00 – 18:00)
Remote-First Company | Currently 40% Work From Home

Office Location : 42/92 ซอยเลี่ยงเมืองนนทบุรี 10 ถนนเลี่ยงเมืองนนทบุรี ตำบลบางกระสอ อำเภอเมือง จังหวัด นนทบุรี

We're looking forward

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