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It is undeniable that, to this day, everyone has heard the word “Big Data,” but what exactly is Big Data? How does it benefit the brand? How does it affect people’s daily lives? Today, ANTS will introduce you to the “Big Data-Driven” phenomenon. 

“Big Data” is large data stored in an organization. It can be images, videos, texts, files, etc., where there are 4 criteria for being Big Data: data size (Volume), data speed (Velocity), data variety (Variety), and data quality (Veracity). 

Nowadays, Big Data is widely being used by big businesses. The most prominent usage of Big Data is on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These platforms have millions of users’ data access through our social media platforms. And the platform will use the users’ information to analyze and provide advertising services to brands. However, businesses that don’t have social media platforms can also use big data through the “Data Collecting System.” For example, collect customer data using a member card or telephone number to identify the customer’s purchase information. These allow businesses to visualize the consumer’s behavior and process to “Data Cleaning System” in storing customer data in SQL format and making it easier for data collection and retrieval, maximizing the benefits of the brand. 

Let’s give you an example of a well-known brand for you to see the bigger picture. In the case of Central Group, there is a membership card called “The1 Card”. Customers use the The1 Card to collect points while purchasing products from various subsidiary businesses within the network, such as Tops, B2S, Central Department Store, and Family Mart. In contrast, Central Group can collect and process customer data. Make Central Group know their customer’s behavior, what products do they like to buy? Which branch and what time did they purchase? This medium helps Central Group create marketing campaigns that precisely meet the needs. Applying Big Data to marketing is called Customer Relationship Management or CRM. 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is to build good relationships with customers where brands market their focus on customer loyalty and engagement rather than short-term goals—creating a relationship in terms of feelings, empathy, and loyalty ultimately leads their consumers to be willing to word-of-mouth to those around them. Customers must also allow brands to know their information to offer promotions or privileges that are more relevant to them. 

So, when you read until here, don’t misunderstand that CRM is limited to only big businesses. SME businesses can also use Big Data in CRM because there are many available marketing tools that brands can use nowadays. In addition, ANTS also offers CRM services to help brands gain access to more customer data. For example, the “LINE Customization” system or the “E-Coupon” system. 

What is LINE Customization? 

Many people are probably familiar with LINE applications as it is a top-rated chat application when it comes to LINE applications. But did you know that the LINE application can be more than a chat channel? 

With the LINE Customization service, ANTS will add functionality to the brand’s LINE application by creating a LINE Official Account. As LINE Official Account is one of the main channels for brands to communicate with their customers, making LINE a virtual all-in-one brand application that has the following functions: 

  • Create LINE Official Account for brands with close supervision and monitoring. 
  • CRM Software from LINE that allows brands to customer segmentation and creates a marketing plan to meet customers’ needs accurately 
  • Connect the payment system with Rabbit LINE Pay or connect to the payment system that the brand is using. 
  • Create a Rich Menu to link to other features, such as a particular web page that allows customers to view their points. 
  • Build a Chatbot to interact with customers. Brands can design a chat flow format to provide more detailed responses to each question. 

What is E-Coupon? 

E-Coupon is a coupon used in marketing campaigns. It is not a paper coupon, but it is an electronic coupon that customers receive from an online platform, where ANTS offers the following E-Coupon creation services: 

  • E-coupon platform, where brands can automatically generate unique codes for coupons to be used as numbers to create coupons for customers 
  • Generate QR Code or Barcode as required 
  • API system to connect to the partner brand 
  • Measured results from the report system on the ANTS Dashboard 
  • E-Coupon can be sent via SMS by attaching the landing page of URL link 

Remember that CRM systems can help you see specific consumer behaviors. Choosing the right CRM that fits the business will give accurate data that can apply to improve business-to-customer relationships and build customer loyalty effectively. Make customers satisfied and repeatedly purchase, generating sustainable business income. Where the most important to do is to connect all the systems. So, the brands can visualize all marketing campaigns as one big image and measure results. 

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