What is Marketing Automation?


When it comes to Marketing Automation, many people think it’s about shooting ads on Facebook or Instagram. Still, it’s a new form of marketing that focuses on creating customer experiences for every business touchpoint. Whether offline or online, such as LINE, Facebook, Website, etc. Each channel has a marketing automation method and different goals.

Businesses can do marketing Automation at all levels. From building brand awareness to influencing conversions, marketers can measure every process and dimension, enabling brands to analyze results and improve marketing plans to be better.

Marketing Automation with Data

Marketing Automation is now an indispensable thing for marketers because Marketing Automation allows brands to gain a lot of marketing information. Of course, marketing information is essential for marketers in this era. The more marketer does Marketing Automation, the more marketing information they have. And with more data, brands can create a more competent Marketing Automation system that will attract more customers. Therefore, this is the origin of the term Big Data usage.

How to have an effective Marketing Automation system with systematic data collection? The answer to this question is not fixed. Because each business has a different product, competitors, and customers, such as a restaurant, a business cannot use a system designed for fashion. So, we will introduce some marketing tools that are part of Marketing Automation to help your brand reach customers more accurately.

Marketing Automation with Chatbot & AI

Nowadays, many businesses choose Chatbot & AI as one of their Marketing Automations. For example, many online businesses use Chatbot & AI to respond to customers, which allows the shop to always respond chats to customer, creating sales opportunities.

Creating a Chatbot is pre-programming to answer customer questions. Focusing on answering questions that customers frequently ask or fixed-alternative answers. At the same time, the business can still see customer chats from their back-end systems. Business doesn’t need to waste their time collecting and organizing their customer data because there is a back-end system to manage it. This Marketing Automation helps the Customer Service department work easier and faster. And the customers themselves feel that they don’t waste time waiting for a long time. Make customers more impressed. Most importantly, brands can use the data to be analyzed and find opportunities to develop their business further.

Moreover, we can also use AI to upgrade Chatbots to be even more proficient. AI is like a machine brain, and Chatbot is like a front-line for communicating with customers. AI uses machine learning to help Chatbots learn customer questions and continue developing better-answering questions. The more we use Chatbot, the more intelligent our system will become.

Another must-have marketing automation is CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, which helps brands know more about their customers from their information. For example, it can categorize customers such as frequent purchasers, one-time customers, and customers who buy infrequently but are expensive. After the brand knows the customer, brands can create marketing plans that are more relevant to them. As a result, it generates more sales and reduces indirect marketing costs.

Components that will help create a CRM system are Membership and E-Coupon systems. The membership system is where we allow customers to register for special privileges when they buy products or services from our business. Currently, the Membership can be made much more accessible. For example, customers add friends, follow the brand’s LINE Official Account, press apply for Membership, etc.

As for the E-Coupon system, which provides customers with coupons through online platforms such as LINE, saving the cost of printing and paper coupons and reducing waste resources. By just programming in the back-end system. The promotion on the coupon is ready to use immediately. The brand can choose whether to give discounts to all customers, target customers, or even new customers who have never been members. By doing promotions through E-Coupon, we can see the Data Flowing in Real-time and analyze the data after the promotion ends. To make the next promotion more targeted and more direct to the consumer behavior.

Membership Management System and E-Coupon System create a more efficient Customer Management (CRM) system. All of which is for customers to buy again until they build loyalty to our brand.

All of these are just a part of Marketing Automation. In addition, there are many marketing tools to help your brand achieve your marketing goals, such as LINE Customization, LINE Official Account, Location-Based Service, Landing Page, Website. etc. At ANTS, we provide a full range of Marketing Automation services, from planning according to the brand objectives to executing, tracking, and analyzing results. As a result, the brands can get the most insights into their customers. So don’t forget to start Marketing Automation today to help your brand win customers’ hearts and stay ahead of the competition!

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