What is Chatbot & AI


Be careful! When customers approach brands on many platforms! 

In the era of social media, there are many channels for consumers to access the brand, especially online channels. And what consumers send messages to the brand is not limited to asking about products or services. But, it also includes complaints, suggestions, comments to express opinions, etc. Of course, if brands respond to customer chats one by one. Apart from delayed response or the possibility of human error, causing the brand’s human resources allocation is not worth it. Because employees may have more abilities to do more than just answering customer chats, Chatbot and AI systems have stepped in to help business work. To make work easier and more efficient. Research indicates that 80% of businesses are likely to use a chatbot system by 2022, and a 2017 study showed that chatbot systems could reduce business customer service costs by 50%*. 

*Source: https://linchpinseo.com/chatbot-statistics-trends/ 

Get to Know Chatbot & AI 

Chatbot & AI, or chat-assisted robot, is a computer programming that simulates human conversations as precisely as possible. Replying to conversations in real-time by setting it to auto-reply both text and audio, or it can be set to send a video link instead of a message. Allows brands to reduce the need for staff to respond to chats in cases where customer questions are often repetitive. Or is it a frequently asked question that can predict what customers will ask next? Another problem on the side of the brand is that brands must admit that not every customer asks a good question, thus wasting the staff’s time. Having Chatbot & AI is like giving basic information first. Then, if the customer still doesn’t get the answers they want, the brand can then create a channel for them to contact the staff or the team that takes care of that part later. The principle of Chatbot & AI is a system for analyzing user questions. It checks for words or phrases similar to the keywords set during programming. Once it finds identical keywords, it will respond to the user in the most appropriate and fastest response. 

Specialty of Chatbot & AI 

Brands may be concerned that if using Chatbot & AI systems, will they be able to respond to customer chats effectively? In fact, brands can be configured to program Chatbot and AI to have the character or persona they want. Moreover, they can also answer questions dynamically according to the environment through the brand’s settings. For example, if a customer asks what recommended movies to watch right now? Brands can set answers based on when did the customers ask.  

In addition, Chatbot & AI have an NLP system that can understand language more than usual keywords. For example, if a customer typed “Hello,” having NLP would allow the system to learn that “Hello” could mean “Hi” or “Hey” or “Yo.” Most importantly, after Chatbot & AI has finished talking to customers. Brands can use the backend data to further analyze their target audience in more detail, such as which products are interested in this group of customers? What products are these customers more likely to be interested in? What problems does this group of customers encounter in using it? 

How Brands Can Build Chatbot & AI 

At ANTS, we have direct Chatbot & AI development experts to create a backend system for collecting chat data for brands. We are experts in NLP Based Chatbot and NLP Dynamic Learning systems that enhance consumers’ experience and help close sale deals faster. Increase communication efficiency with customers and help brands allocate their human resources most efficiently.  

We can create your Chatbot with the following services: 

  • Merged every question from all platforms, LINE, Facebook, and Instagram, into one place. 
  • Tracking system for the administrator if Chatbot can’t answer customer questions. 
  • Update Chatbot questions-answers at any time. 
  • Help maintain a Chatbot customer database. 
  • Chatbot comes with an AI learning system to improve answering questions. 

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