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Create results for your sustainable business growth with ANTS.
To become a leading brand in the digital age.

ANTS specializes in Marketing Technology, starting from Strategy, Implementation, and Data Analytics.

Further, ANTS supports many tools to efficiently help your business grow online and meet your target audience through SMS, Digital Coupons, Marketing Automation, Chatbot, E-consent, E-receipt, etc.

Strategic Planning

Plan effective marketing technology strategies to meet the current Customer Journey needs and meet your business goals with an experienced team and expertise from ANTS.

MarTech Strategy

MarTech Strategy

Having a good strategy is like having victory ahead of your competitors. ANTS is ready to help you create marketing technology strategies for your businesses. Creating an effective strategy over competitors allows you to increase sales and reduce costs through technology and platforms that meet your needs.

How can ANTS help your business grow with MarTech Strategy?

  • Set your business marketing goals and objectives with marketing technology to achieve your goal.
  • Plan the steps to make your marketing more effective in the digital age.
  • Increase the competitiveness of the company.
  • Determine the direction of marketing to match the target group.
Customer Journey Design
UX/UI Design
Technology Selection
Platform Utilization


Choose effective marketing on Marketing Technology.
Take your business to the next level with ANTS to reach your target audience and generate measurable returns for your business.

LINE OA Customization

LINE OA Customization

Create or develop additional functions on your brand's LINE Official Account to achieve marketing objectives, including customer acquisition, marketing campaigns, conversions, and customer retention.

How can ANTS help your business grow with LINE OA Customization?

  • Create a membership and loyalty card system for customers to use on every purchase.
  • Create an E-commerce system on LINE that allows customers to choose their delivery address or choose an option of delivery immediately.
  • Connect the payment system with Rabbit LINE Pay or connect to the payment system that the brand is using.
  • Create LINE to a management system within your organization, such as recording employee hours (Absent / Leave / Late) under the HR Management system.
CRM Integration
SMS Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Application Development
Chatbot & AI
Marketing Automation

Data Analytic

Drive marketing to your business and brand with Data Analytics from ANTS.
Measure and develop your marketing campaigns to meet customers' needs through Data Analytic services.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Transform your complex data into simpler Data Visualization with ANTS services. Help you capture better data and analyze results quickly and efficiently develop your business.

How can ANTS help your business grow with Data Visualization?

  • Help group data types and display data results as you want through technologies such as real-time data updates.
  • Display data for analyzing or making business decisions in various ways, not just displaying numbers, pie charts, or bar graphs.
  • Businesses have a wide range of system resources that help increase productivity and the ability to compete in the business.
Data-driven CRM​​
Data Management

Drive all your business goals to the victory with marketing technology

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