Marketing Techonology


Marketing Technology, also known as "MarTech," is an innovative marketing trend that combines 3 key elements of marketing, technology, and data using advanced technology. Including tools and systems developed for marketing activities in planning and organizing marketing campaigns efficiently and conveniently.

Types of Marketing Technology

  1. Marketing Analytics and Performance Tracking & Attribution
    Marketing Technology tools for analyzing marketing data. Analyze and measure performance in various metrics such as customer behavioral data, advertising campaign data, etc.
  2. Cloud/ Data Integration Platform
    Marketing Technology tools collect data between systems such as automated customer data, distribute computing across the work data, culminating in scoring customer data quality.
  3. Business/ Customer Data Visualization Technologies
    Marketing Technology tools manage raw data and present it in images, graphs, maps, tables, or formats that are more uncomplicated to comprehend. In addition, this technology will utilize and create accurate data and visual-rich dashboards and reports.
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization / Personalization
    Marketing Technology's regard is creating a great experience through providing a wide variety of communication messages such as dynamic and tailored-made services that suit each customer to impress and allows them to decide on buying products and services.
  5. Advertising Technology
    Marketing Technology tools that are developed specifically for advertising in digital media. Tools that help operate campaign management with accurate measurements and reaches target customer.
  6. Visitor Identification Software
    Marketing Technology tools help verify the identity of the website's customers by detecting IP addresses and converting them to the location for further benefits.
  7. Affiliate Marketing & Performance-based advertising
    Marketing Technology tools help build relationships and marketing systems to increase the selling of products. At the same time, the product's owner remunerates those who help them sell products through tracking from each link.
  8. Content Marketing Tools
    Marketing Technology tools help facilitate content creation faster, whether creating a questionnaire survey or searching for interesting topics suitable for creating content that fits each business.
  9. Search Marketing Tool
    Marketing Technology tools help facilitate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and advertising on the Google AdWords search platform.
  10. Social Media Marketing
    Marketing Technology tool that is developed to respond to social media trends. It allows efficient marketing across diverse social media platforms and helps collect influencers' information in a different channel.
  11. Marketing Cloud Suites
    Leading technology companies offer services in the form of Marketing Technology collection tools that are sold separately by sub-programs with divergent functions of Marketing Automation, Customer Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Content Creation tools.

What's Marketing Technology?

Marketing Technology is Suitable for What Type of Business?

  1. Startup
    Marketing Technology is new to the business market and has excellent growth potential. Therefore, creating a great opportunity for Startups searching for a business that responds to the trend in society, such as the services of Data storage tools, social media marketing tools, creating online questionnaire tools, are all services that nowadays, people are increasingly interested in this day.
  2. Digital Agency and Digital Consultant
    Marketing Technology will help promote the organization's credibility and encourage the organization to provide finer consultants and services suitable for their customers. Finally, and most importantly, it creates an incredible opportunity for Digital agencies and Digital Consultants because they can expand the service model to a broader range of customers with the support of Marketing Technology.
  3. Marketer
    A marketer must adapt to the latest trends continuously and remember vast amounts of online information. Therefore, it is necessary to have Marketing Technology to help collect data, manage insights, and organize information for accuracy. And further allows marketers to plan and create more efficient campaigns that are more likely to match their target audience.
  4. Data Worker
    Data workers such as data analysts or researchers must study and understand the variety and vast amount of data counter with the working time. With the help of Marketing Technology will design a way to connect information, analyze data across platforms, and analyze customer behavior in the digital world more easily.

Why should be Marketing Technology service with ANTS (Advance Network Technology & Services)?

  • Experiences Team
    Our team of personnel has expertise in the marketing technology business for more than 8 years, giving us authentic experience and knowledge that can operate throughout all industries.
  • Marketing Technology that Covers Every Business Field
    We have a comprehensive range of quality Marketing Technology tools that can operate in different fields efficiently through our services in one place.
  • Driven by Accurate and Measurable Data
    We have a professional work plan system. Drive strategic planning with data and select a Marketing Technology tool that offers insightful and complete reports—summarizing results with insights and actionable recommendations designed to be easy and understandable.
  • Gain Consumer Trust from Our Services
    We care and give the foremost importance to the needs of our customers so we can work together efficiently as possible. As a result, we have guaranteed more than 300 leading customers.

Let ANTS stay beside you and your business.

Keep up with every movement, ready to create success through marketing and technology.

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