LINE Ads Platform (LAP)

LINE Ads Platform

LINE Ads Platform or LAP is a new service from LINE that allows merchants, marketers, and business owners to create their ads on LINE. As a result, businesses can reach online customers and communicate and offer products and services to their target audience more efficiently and precisely. The method of using LAP is similar to Facebook Ads Manager, such as having a variety of advertising designs that attracts customers easily.

Ad Display Formats on LINE Ads Platform

LINE allows setting up ads on the LINE Ads Platform at these 5 placement display formats:

  1. LINE's Chat List
    Display as a Pop-up Banner on the top of the chat page.
  2. LINE's Timeline Page
    Display with pictures and descriptions and labelled Sponsored.
  3. LINE Today Page
    Display pictures and descriptions on the news page viewed daily by many people and labelled as Sponsored.
  4. LINE TV
    Is a format that the LINE Ads Platform used to create ads in the past but is currently disabled.
  5. LINE Wallet Tab
    Shows a pop-up advertisement on the Wallet page

Benefits of LINE Ads Platform that Marketers and Business Owners Must Know

  1. LINE Ads Platform Makes Selling Products and Services More Accessible.
    Advertising on the LINE Ads Platform encourages awareness of the brand's products and services by introducing the brand's products and services to be more visible. Moreover, it can also measure and monitor how many people see your products and services through the LINE Ads Platform. But, most importantly, the LINE Ads Platform has the objection that it can create 'conversion on the website' that encourages customers to shop and sign up for membership. Moreover, creating a 'Remarketing System' makes a repetitive advertisement for customers who have previously had a relationship with the brand through traffic, adding products to the cart, or having purchased the products before helping the customers to recognize the brand and return to purchase again.
  2. LINE Ads Platform has a Wide Variety of Ad Formats
    LINE Ads Platform not only has a wide variety of advertising display formats to choose from, but LINE Ads Platform also gives the freedom to choose the ad format that is designed to be within the budget. As a result, business owners and marketers can plan their ads and allocate their budgets to deliver products and services that meet more goals and objectives than before.
    There are 6 types of advertising campaign payment formats to choose from:
    1. Cost Per Impressions (CPM)
    2. Cost Per Click (CPC)
    3. Cost Per Friend (CPF)
    4. Cost Per Video View (CPV)
    5. Cost Per Action (CPA)
    6. Cost Per Install (CPI)
  3. LINE Ads Platform can Set Desired Audience.
    LINE Ads Platform gives freedom to set the main target audience by setting demographic data such as gender, age, area of residence, and interests that make it more specific. Or you can also define your target audience from the audience who has visited you through the Website or App, from the target group of IDFA or AAID data, from the target audience on the phone number and email database, from friends on LINE OA, from people who have watched your brand's videos on LINE Ads Platform, as well as from lookalike audiences who are similar to brand customers.

How to Post Ads on LINE Ads Platform by Yourself?

  1. Create Campaigns for Ads on the LINE Ads Platform.
    Starting by selecting 'New Campaign' on the LINE Ads Platform homepage, the system will ask you to set the ad objective.
    There are 6 options to choose from:
    1. Website Traffic
    2. Website Conversion
    3. Install Apps
    4. Engage in Apps
    5. Watch Videos
    6. Add Friends
    After choosing your ad's objective, you will need to fill in general information. Then, determine the duration of the ads and set the desired budget.
  2. Create Desired Audience on the LINE Ads Platform
    The process of selecting the desired audience selection starts with a general setup. Such as the campaign name, ad group name, ad name, and ad status. Then set your target audience. Next, choose either a Core Audience based on demographic or a Custom Audience that draws data from a database collected by the brand. Once you have made your selection, set your ad bid. You can set it automatically, or you can set it manually. Then choose a payment method based on the objective of the LINE Ads Platform ad, followed by a bid starting from 1 baht, ending with a daily budget that is according to your plan and method.
  3. Execute Advertisements on the LINE Ads Platform
    The process of choosing what format you want to advertise on the LINE Ads Platform is to specify the general details of the campaign. Like the campaign name, ad group name, ad name, and ad status. Next, select the format of the LINE Ads Platform. Whether it is an image, video, slideshow, or pop-up banner thumbnail, you must choose the media you want to put in your ad. Finally, provide a title and compelling description, add the Call-to-Action button by dropping the landing page or destination URL, and hit the "OK" button to finish the process.
  4. Measure Results After Advertising on LINE Ads Platform
    There are two ways to measure the results of the LINE Ads Platform, depending on the purpose of the ad.
    1. Measure advertising performance based on viewing reports that can check the performance of ads posted on the LINE Ads Platform in excel or .csv file format.
    2. Measure advertising by embedding LINE Tags. This measurement is similar to advertising on online platforms that need to generate the code on the desired page to measure it.

For any brand or business owner looking for an online channel to promote products and services other than giant channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google, LAP or LINE Ads Platform is another exciting option. Any brand or business owner interested in trying it out adapts to the brand's strategy, products, and services. ANTS, we have specialized expertise to help and assist you.

Let ANTS stay beside you and your business.

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