Our Office

A place where amazing things Get Done!

A start-up project realized by a group of friends, all talented people with passion and belief to make things bigger on digital innovation platform, aimed at transforming our community into a digital world, allowed us to recognize the potential of Technology & Digital Marketing including SMS. The initial idea was to connect people and local businesses, allowing them to communicate with one another over a web app, email, and SMS messaging.

We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with everyone to feels comfortable sharing ideas, opinions, and ask questions directly. Our offices are designed to encourage interactions between each colleague across teams, and to spark conversation about work as well as play (“TGIF”) as family environment, helping each other as a team work, to serve client at best services satisfaction.

5 years in business

With constant innovation & passion, the hunger to try new, exciting things and the desire to challenge conventional thinking, we’re still doing exactly what we’ve set out to do - help our clients communicate.

Loved by customers

We guarantee 100% satisfaction to all customers, partners as our loved family :) We help our customer to drive their growth with our best digital marketing and communication solution to be successful.

Work Space

Our Location

  • Address: 42/92 Nonthaburi Bypath Rd. 10, Bang Kraso, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000
  • Phone: (02) 007-4534
  • Email: info@ants.co.th

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday 9AM to 6PM
  • Saturday - Closed
  • Sunday - Closed